Fostering Social Cohesion in Norfolk

The NACA fosters social cohesion by organising events that promote ethnic integration and mutual learning. We promote personal development and self-reliance through activities such as training in organic gardening, conservation science and other vocations that foster self-employment.

Our Programmes

The NACA community programmes are managed by volunteers and help training the disadvantaged. These programmes gave skilled volunteers a sense of fulfilment as the work is for mutual support by sharing skills.

The training in horticultural skills and organic gardening includes land preparation, growing vegetables, managing water, crop pest and disease control following organic methods, as well as nutrition and health. These activities can be duplicated any where in a developing and developed countries, specially now when the climate change is felt by all of us and there is the desire to end poverty and to avoid hunger.

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Our Approach

In our contribution towards sustainable education for development it is necessary first to listen to the needs of the people, enable the UK BME members to create link to development programmes in their homelands, educate and empower the local people to work for them selves to improve their own lives.

Our activities include:

Produce shows

Social events for integration

Youth sport activities

Horticultural training

Annual food festival

NACA Organic allotments project aims to reach farmers in Africa in a similar way as Farm Africa does; but by giving answers for any questions regarding Horticultural skills and General development in agriculture. All free via online exchange of ideas.

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