Organic Gardening & Nature Conservation Programme

If you would like to learn how to grow your own vegetables, soft fruits and flowers, recycle organic waste (composting) and participate in healthy outdoor work then come along and join us.

Getting involved is a way of making your contribution towards a sustainable local environment.

Completed 2005

On the ball Football Programme

Football and various activities for children aged 8 to 19 years were held to enable ethnically diverse groups to integrate with other local residents. Supported by the Local Community Fund.

Completed 2005

Parents & Children Advisory Services

Established with a small grant from the Norwich Learning City Community Fund 2004-5. Relaxing at the allotment in our quiet area, participants could enjoy local wildlife and birds. It was a good place to get away from a busy city life and meet nature.

Completed 2005

NICI Norwich International Cultural Integration

Norwich International Cultural Integration organised monthly cross-cultural events to bring people together and encourage a better understanding of diverse heritage and traditions. Community workers had this forum available to them to reach Black and Minority Ethnic members (BME).

We are happy if people are inspired by the ideas wherever they are and use them.
NACA can offer free advice on how to draft constitution for emerging community Associations in Africa.